Nothing about my job thrills me more than clients asking me about paint colors.  As an artist, I look at your home as the canvas.  Together, we will select a palette that provides a backdrop for your lifestyle.  Your home becomes a composition – the subject of a painting.  Neutral or bold, it is all good, as long as it’s in sync with the people who live there.  Most importantly is that you feel really at home.

Here are the three main techniques I follow to create a beautiful, balanced space with the palette we have selected.

1) Finishes  Ask for eggshell for “wet” rooms, i.e. the bath and kitchen.  These are moisture friendly and easy to wipe clean.  Paint the rest of your home in a matte finish for the walls and ceiling.  This finish will create a velvety, soft, modern flow that will diffuse light cast upon it.  All trim should be painted satin (subtle sheen) with an oil base paint: this is for crown moldings, base boards, doors and casings.  A slight luminosity is given to these architectural details and satin can be wiped clean around door knobs.

2) Transitions  In New York apartments it can be difficult to determine where one room ends and another begins.  An open floor plan lends to an unclear indication of space.  Ask yourself if that column is part of the accent wall or part of the overall area.  If possible, create elevates with symmetry.  Soffits are usually the same color as the wall, and unless a ceiling beam is an architectural detail, it should be painted the same color as the ceiling.
Paint your doors + their casings (with a satin finish) the same colors as their walls to create a modern, clean look with a continuous flow and no visual interruption.

3)  Palette select colors that are in harmony with each other.   Start with one or two and build a palette from there.  This will achieve flow.  Use colors you love.  Color is your friend.

Let me help you select your palette.
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