Design For All Seasons

What is important to you? What is the transformation you are looking for? Know that your home is the fertile ground where your life takes root.

Allow me to understand what you would like from your home – functionality improvements, aesthetic upgrades – and help you envision it. Together we will make deliberate changes in your environment to enrich your life.

My home has become a laboratory for Biodynamic design.

What does that even mean you ask? Well, if you Google Biodynamic design you would probably find that; “Biodynamic architecture is a new point of view to redefine architecture and architectural thinking. It creates the harmony between the aura and the constructed environment (houses, buildings, gardens, urban and landscape environment).” Read more here.

What it means for me is that I rearrange my space along with the shifting of the seasons, preparing the environment and myself for the new days ahead and all that is to come.

This is what I started with – a large desk serving as a dining table serving serving also as a surface for painting. Never much neater than this. Always in flux.

After pivoting the table 90 degrees, and pivoting it again full circle – but in a slightly different place – I found a sweet spot.

The sweet spot afforded me an easel – a piece I have always wanted and imagined for myself, though I had did not know it would be now – its being there gives me a “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” feeling.

I built it myself and credit connecting to (my) space and making relevant, intuitive changes motivating for transforming inspiration into action and actual creation. This is important to me.

Recent work. Watercolor 2019.

Complementing my Interior Design practice I have been devoting myself again to my artwork – my first love. Having an elevated space to work in allows me to take what I do more seriously. Grounded in the present. By design and for design.


Recent work. Kerala. Watercolor 2019

Allow me to understand the transformation that you wish for yourself and your family and help you envision it. Let’s find a deliberate shifts in your home to open it up and improve your supporting environment for all the good living that is to come.


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