Terms & Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions

    Please review the statements below and initial next to each. This agreement constitutes your contract with Samantha Gore Interiors + Design.
  • Together we identify and create a custom design plan for you.

    1. We will suggest contractors, subcontractors and outside service providers. Any contractor or subcontractor will be approved by and hired by you.

    2. There could be extenuating circumstances and delays beyond our control.
  • 1. Design Fee is due at signing of agreement to commence work and subsequent design fee payments are determined by the scope of the project.

    2. Payment for additional work beyond our initial scope (“Work Orders”) is due prior to subsequent phases of design.
  • 1. Purchasing begins upon (timely) receipt of client funds and approval. Prices and availability are subject to change.

    2. Goods purchased include a 30% management fee.

    3. We do business with reputable parties and workrooms. If goods let us down in their wear, fading or product defect, we will work to resolve any issues with the vendor, but are not liable.

    4. Sometimes a Receiving Warehouse is required to safely retain, store and deliver your treasures. You will be invoiced at cost.

    5. Balances for all invoices will be due prior to deliveries and installations.

    6. Orders placed on your behalf are non-cancelable unless permitted by the vendor. The return of any item once an order has been placed is at the discretion of the supplier and subject to their restocking fee and shipping costs. Custom orders are not restockable or returnable.
  • 1. Reimbursement for all project-related expenses and purchases made on your behalf will be billed monthly. These charges may include courier service, delivery and postage, printing or another type of third-party reprographic services and relevant travel expenses.

    2. We will get your advanced approval for project expenses such as, but not limited to long-distance travel expenses and cleaning professionals.
  • 1. Payment is due at signing.

    2. New York State sales tax will be charged on your cost of all goods. Freight and delivery charges will be billed at the price charged by the vendor. The 4.5% New York State design tax will be charged on Design Fees. When working out of state, tax will be charged as applicable.

    3. Reimbursables will be billed monthly at cost.

    4. Invoices are due upon receipt. Should any invoice remain outstanding from 10 days of issuance, we will pause work to review any issues with the Client. Should any invoice remain outstanding, interior installations and services will cease. Once all inquiries are resolved and invoices are paid in full, we will resume work on the project.

    5. In the event there is a question and/or concern about design fees and/or expenses, we ask clients to make inquiries within five (5) days of receipt of invoice. We are available to review billing and expenses to satisfy a client’s inquiry. It is our goal for our clients to feel engaged and informed throughout the project, including a thorough understanding of the significant level of work required to execute a full-service interior design project to our exacting standards.
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    Payable To: Samantha Gore Interiors + Design
    Mail To: 27 West 20th Street, Suite 703
    New York, NY 10011

    Zelle Quick Pay
    Email: [email protected]

    ACH Transfer
    Name: Samantha Gore Interiors + Design
    Account # 004626887645
    Routing # 011000138 (for paper and electronic)

    Credit Card with 2.5% fee.
  • 1. These terms are valid for one year or upon completion of services by Samantha Gore Interiors + Design.

    2. This agreement may be terminated during the contract term for any reason by either the Client or Samantha Gore Interiors + Design, provided three (3) business days written notice has been provided. Written notice may be provided by email. The Client will pay for all work completed and all outstanding payables for purchases and expenses incurred through the project term.

    3. Should any invoice remain outstanding, interior installations and services will cease. When balances are paid in full, work can resume.
  • 1. All designs, samples, drawings and specifications shall remain the property of Samantha Gore Interiors + Design.

    2. The Client is expected to grant reasonable access to the premises for Samantha Gore Interiors + Design plus our service providers. The Client understands the peace and privacy of their home may be disrupted for the time required to perform the work.

    3. Should approvals be required by any governmental or municipal agency, they may need to be obtained with your building or town.

    4. Credit and Photography - We love documenting the transformation of your space throughout the process. A photographer may be called in for photos. Should photographs of your beautiful project be published, we agree that we will not identify or refer to you without your prior written permission.

    5. The laws of the State of New York will govern this agreement. Any provision of this agreement held to be void or unenforceable under any law will be considered removed from the agreement, and all remaining provisions will continue to be valid and binding to both Samantha Gore Interiors + Design and the Client.

    6. This agreement is the complete statement of understanding between Samantha Gore Interiors + Design and the Client. This agreement can only be modified in writing, signed by both parties.
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