Doing an Interior Photo Shoot? Some things to keep in mind..

Last week I completed a 2-day photo shoot of an interior design renovation and interior design of a large (4,000 SF) apartment located in New York’s Upper West Side. It was a huge undertaking and incredibly satisfying and somewhat exhausting.

Then wouldn’t you know it, today a debriefing from a 2015 photoshoot turned up. Most of the things I had thought of .. number 7 I will never forget again!

Here is the list:

  1. Create time-line and action steps 6 weeks out – with dates to accomplish them by.
  2. Hire someone to do the schlepping – consolidate merchandise in one (or more if necessary) location and have someone with a car and who will help and a cart on both sides – to bring everything in.
  3.  Buy/collect/source more than you think you need
  4. Make sure selection of objects has varying textures/surfaces/shapes.
  5. Space begins with the large pieces and volumes and ends with the details. Plants, beads, bowls, signs of life are incredibly effective.
  6. Don’t skip – bring in that rug on approval, even if it’s a pain, because those pictures will stick around.
  7. Last but not least – confirm the client has a cleaning service in – or schedule one before the shoot!IMG_0059 2

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