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Design and Art effect every aspect of our life. Day-to-day happiness springs from our environments and experiences being beautiful, rational, and making sense. Art isn’t only found sitting in a museum but all around us if we take the time to truly see what we are looking at.

Experiencing The Salon Art + Design at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City during this season is always a special treat. There, inspiring objects abound and are presented in a compelling and charming way. To have so many different, inspiring, and noteworthy galleries and objects brought together in unexpected contrast creates a feeling of wonder.

Here, the uplifting power of design and art is real as visitors seemingly glide through the space, transfixed again and again by something special, something beautiful.

Inspiration is so important as a designer and artist. Coupling inspiration with motivation is necessary for me to express myself. It was at this design fair a few years ago that I first visited Ariadne Gallery  Their collection of antiquities and treasure is a treat to behold:

I was so moved by the objects and sculptures they had, that for my next piece of sculpture in my own art practice, was to explore this subject and I carved this torso – in alabaster:

Living with beauty, design and art everyday starts with an acknowledgment of and appreciation for our surroundings; giving some care to ensure that we can find moments or peace and respite from the real distractions of our modern lives. Here are some other treasures that caught my eye at The Salon.

Material Splendor

Constellation VII, 2018. A set of eleven porcelain sculptures by Australian artist Pippin Drysdale with the Adrian Sassoon Gallery How cosmic are these glazes?! I got lost in them.

Wood sculptures, carved objects ,and functional pieces by Pacific North West artist Michael Peterson emphasize the inherent beauty of wood:

Inspired by nature, these chainsaw carved objects and roughly turned pieces are embellished with carvings and texture to evoke weathered bones, fossils, and stones:

These pieces were shown with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery of London, who were incredibly gracious to tell me more about these pieces and share their delight in the work.

There is so much happening in the City around the holidays and taking time to engage with small beauties can be restorative. Getting out and recharging myself in this way allows me to bring more beauty into my designs and, by extension, into your homes; balancing function, flow, form and resources.

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