Upper West Side

About the project


There is no lack of space, light nor color in this Upper West Side Manhattan apartment.

Clean lines, clear neutrals and smooth finishes are the backdrop for my client’s unique furniture and furnishings that express a relaxed elegance where comfort and color take center stage. Deep and vibrant saturated hues, plush textures and sleek forms, woven textiles and taut, supple leather combine to complement the expansive living and dining areas and adjacent kitchen of this 4,000+ square foot home.

This environment is colorfully edged in upholstered window seat cushions along the expanses of the outer wall. The warm, colorful bedroom suites stem off a long corridor unfolding as separate and distinct spaces offering visual variety while staying part of a cohesive home designed for life in the Big Apple with specialized lighting throughout, wallpaper that evokes the nature and bath tiles that act as art.

Paintings and drawings by Samantha Gore were added to the space for the photography.

Photos by Marco Ricca

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