5 Easy Ideas To Make Your Small Space Seem Larger

We’ve talked about changing up paint colors and using mirrors and more natural light, but those are all yesterday’s news. Today we have 5 fresh (and simple) ideas to open up almost any space.

1. Unify Your Artwork.  Although we can talk all we want about using oversize artwork in small spaces, the reality is that many options just aren’t affordable. The solution? If you have a collection of smaller pieces, make their frames and mats all the same color.

2. Get It Off the Floor.  Do you have something on the floor just because? A basket? A box? A funky ceramic animal that happens to be trendy at the moment? Spaces feel and appear larger when you can see more of the floor. Look at your shelves, wall-hangings, storage – consider doing away with that extra stuff all together.

3. Few, But Large.  In an effort to clear out items to make your space feel more open, make what you do have count. Like large artwork, rugs, crazy off-the-wall lighting that makes a statement. Wall-to-wall curtains, or floor-to-ceiling panels that draw your eye around a space are all good things and cut down on the visual noise that lots of small details can create.

4. Put Emphasis On What You Have.  Does your space have large windows? How about high ceilings? Beautiful old radiators? Thick wooden doorways? Drawing attention to the architecture of your space pulls the eye to the far outer walls as much as possible. Make the interesting features stand out, with specific lighting or accent colors, instead of blending them in.

5. Let’s Be Clear.  We’re talking about side tables, accessories and frames. If they can be see-through or clear to show more of the walls, floor and other surrounding objects… do it. When you can see through objects, it automatically makes things look and feel larger.

Some material from ApartmentTherapy.com

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