Greetings and Happy Spring!

As many of you know, for the past few years I have been fortunate enough to start building my own business in interior design. This endeavor is a culmination of my experiences, travels, studies and passions.

I have designed, decorated and rearranged apartments here in Manhattan and Brooklyn and am looking to take on new clients and projects – both residential spaces and small businesses.

Forever an optimist, I see living in a well-designed, harmonious space as a key part of our well-being – whether in a good economy or in these unsettling times.

Please consider my design and organizational services:

Improve – Don’t Move: Spending more time at home lately?  Make your old space new again!

Small Business: Is your productivity hampered by your work environment?

Tie it all Together: Content with your belongings but need help bringing it all together?

Organize and De-Clutter: Like most of us, do you need help with this?

Show-Off Your Stuff:  Want to highlight your collections and find cohesion amongst your things?

Whether you or someone you know in the New York or Boston area is looking for design
help and a fresh perspective on space, please contact me. Feel free to forward my
information to others who might benefit from my services.

I wish you all the best for spring and let’s stay in touch.

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