6 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Space

City living. So many advantages.  Except for most of us, there’s never enough space.

Here are six tips for us city dwellers to help make your space seem larger and create some extra pizzazz.

1.Leave some room to breathe. Emptiness allows the eye to travel someplace and rest.  Every space will feel bigger if you leave some things out.

2.Create contrast with color.  Stain the floor dark, use light color on the walls, and paint the ceilings a lighter white.  This will allow the eye to travel upward and give a sense of more space.

3.Floor to ceiling curtains. They’ll make your walls seem taller and windows larger.  Do this with your shower curtain too, to create the impression of a big, luxurious shower.

4.Take the doors off doorways and closets. Maybe replace them with a curtain.  Doors can block flow and take up space when they are open.

5.Have at least 3 points of light in a room. And turn them on !  By giving your eyes multiple focus points, lamps help expand a room visually creating the illusion of more depth and space.

6.Mirrors. This old, neat trick will help any room feel more expansive, and they double the light!

Always remember, though our walls may be set in stone our interior spaces are ours for the creating.

If you would like to explore design ideas for your home or office, please contact me for more information.

As always, feel free to share my information with others you may know.

Wishing you a happy summer and let’s stay in touch!

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