Winter 2010

In With The New

I hope this finds you well into the new year.

Many people I talk to seem to express a guarded, but optimistic outlook as we charge into a new decade.

Did you know that by changing your surroundings you close old chapters and usher in new ideas and intentions?  So if you have been thinking of making some changes in your life, here are a few, easy things you can get started on right now.


A new color scheme can completely change the feel of a place.  It can create depth, brighten a room, unify space, reduce visual clutter and create flow between rooms.


Tackle any little project that you have been meaning to get around to. Repair leaky faucets, squeaky doors, and change burnt out light bulbs. Fix or have fixed things that are broken or throw them away.

De-Clutter (+ Organize)

Get rid of or store anything you are not using.   Clear off a surface and put out only what is currently being used.  Designate a spot for papers to corral mail, receipts, warranties, etc.   Find the “right” spot for things you use regularly.

Rearrange your furniture

Start with the big pieces and try your couch in another spot.  Re-shuffle your end tables and move artwork around.  See your things in a new way.

If any of these projects sound good to you and you need a hand getting started.  Call or email me.

Feel free to forward my information on to others in the New York or Boston area looking for design and/or re-organizational help.  Referrals are always appreciated!

Hope your year is off to a good start and let’s stay in touch.



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